Can't load Win10 64 bit to LattePanda 2G/32GB

userHead Chelius 2019-12-24 14:53:25 4833 Views4 Replies
Hi, i need to change my Win10 32 bit version to 64 bit one. Yesterday i tried to change it and download win10 image which is 64 bit. When i try to boot it there is an error like this :

error.jpeg error.jpeg (140.05 KiB) Viewed 4610 times It says "Your processor cannot work on 64 bit windows " but i saw someone in this forum who did boot win10 64 bit to LattePanda 2G/32GB and we have the same processor with him.

Please help me to solve this problem. I have to make them all 64 bit to use my LattePanda boards