Lattepanda Alpha 864s and External Graphic card

userHead anonymous 2019-12-30 17:26:18 3081 Views3 Replies
Hello. I want to connect my lattepanda alpha 864s to a external graphic video card. I’m using a Samsung 970 m.2 as storage. One if the questions is if this video card enclosure: ... 07CQG2K5K/

tha enclosure is there a way to connect to the lattepanda via any of the M ports E or M?

What would be the best, connect the samsung 970 to the E key port with a M to E converter and the graphic card to the M port? Connecting the Samsung 970 E port could decrease performance? We want extremely high performance in the external graphic card but also in the Samsung 970?

Now to use OS x we see is needed this wifi card BCM94352Z but if I will have occupied the m.2 m with the s970 samsung and the e key with the graphic card maybe, then I need a USB dongle. What dongle comestible for OSX could work?

Thank you