Questions about batteries

userHead nokphay 2020-01-05 16:22:40 5654 Views4 Replies
Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum, I just bought a Lattepanda.
I am planning to make a portable Lattepanda with interchangeable screens (7inch for portable gaming, 15.4inch for work). Mainly to play Gamecube games on Dolphin and office apps.
This forum allowed me to gather a lot information so thank you all.

I am studying the idea to power it with lipo battery because of the form factor.
On some discussions I saw compatible batteries for Kubi tablet so I would like to go with that.
I am no electrical engineer, I don't want to burn the board or my house so I need your advice.

Here are my questions :
1 - About battery compatibility : are all 10 pins Kubi batteries compatible with the Lattepanda ?
2 - About heat : is it safe to put the battery directly against the 7inch screen ?
3 - About battery capacity : I would like to put two battery together and stack them in order to get a bigger capacity, do I need to put an intermediate circuit or can I connect everything together on a single 10 pin connector (connecting red with red, black with black...)? How many can I put together ?
4 - About performances : Since the Lattepanda will reserve 15W to recharge the battery, will the performances drop during recharging ?
5 - About Li-ion batteries : I saw the video of Project-SBC on Li-ion batteries, is there a limit on how many batteries you can put together ?
6 - About power banks : Is there one that can be recharged and delivering power at the same time ?

Thank you very much