Lattepanda Alpha 864s Catalina problems triple boot

userHead anonymous 2020-01-09 22:57:29 4245 Views2 Replies
Hello. I want to install the triple boot of the nova video:

I downloaded the Catalina with the download patcher:

I formatted the memory USB with Mac OS Extended Journal (Journaled), GUID partition Map. Then I gave this command to the USB to transfer Catalina:

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sudo /Users/serverosx/Downloads/ --volume /Volumes/CLEAN/ /Users/serverosx/Downloads/ --nointeraction After that I installed clover to that memory USB recently with the version “Clover_v2.5k_r5103.pkg” and to finish I deleted the clover directory from the memory usb inside EFI dire and I copied the clover directory from here:!Au5qefgayaP3shYlAFicqM4fjcnc

That clover directory is supposed an user had success installing catalina.

First as Nova video. Previously I made the partition of 100Gb for linux and 200Gb for OSX, linux partition with ms-dos fat formatting and OSX Mac OS Extended (Journaled), yes it booted one time in OSX the USB memory with catalina and I could enter to disk utility to make that formatting and partitioning. After this, I installed linux in other memory USB with rufus and I rebooted lattepanda with F7 to install it. After install linux, this run perfectly, then I proceeded now to insert again the memory usb with catalina and try to install it booting with F7 the lattepanda. However I see the apple logo and appears everything will be fine, but suddenly crash in this prohibition logo:

Never entered again the installation of catalina. I tried to format the usb memory dozens of times and make the same procedure dozens of times (format with este exe journal the memory usb, use the sudo command to transfer to the memory the catalina, install clover with the .pkg, delete the clover directory and copy the other instead, everything as a vice described), and nothing all attempts go and crash in that prohibition logo. I entered windows and deleted the partition with OSX to see if with that can enter and nothing, same prohibition logo. What could be the problem? Maybe that directory of clover I replace is not the adequate or?