SIM Module Compatibility

userHead happypanda 2020-01-16 08:23:26 5424 Views4 Replies
Hi there, Panda Community!

I've really enjoyed tinkering with the LattePanda Delta so far and now I'm looking at extending my experience.

I'm looking at confirming my ways of thinking and asking a few extra questions.

What is the compatibility of the SIM7600 module (specifically, the Waveshare version since I have used it with the Raspberry Pi in the past ) with the LattePanda?

This module does have support for Arduino but I'd rather keep the coms headers of the Leonardo free. I'm thus looking at connecting the RX and TX headers of the module to the RS232 coms connections on the RXD and TXD. My understanding is that I would then still need to use AT commands in order to dial up a data connection. Does this configuration allow for this?

Alternatively, the module does have USB support but I would rather free up the USB ports. Would a better solution be to use an LTE module in one of the M.2 connections? Since it would free up the headers and USB slots?

Looking forward to conversing with anyone that has advice, thanks!