Using Blackmagic DeckLink SDI Micro on Alpha 864s

userHead JayFry 2020-05-11 14:04:26 1548 Views5 Replies
Hello guys,

I have an Alpha 864s with 64MB running Win10, I am currently using the LPA as a graphics engine on my streaming/recording rig and seems alright. My output is currently out of HDMI then converted to SDI. I saw this DeckLink SDI Micro Miniature M.2 card from Blackmagic design ( ... s/W-DLK-35), but the M.2 is only compatible with B and M key type 2260 and 2280 Specs can be found here ... s/W-DLK-35. I am using my M key slot for an NVMe, so that left me with only the E key slot free.
So the question is if I were to buy this card would it work on LPA 864s E key slot.