Freezes over longtime usage

userHead M100FAT 2020-07-08 12:20:40 2009 Views3 Replies
Currently we are using several LattePanda Alpha's to power some of our presentation products but we cannot get the stability we need from them. We have been carefully monitoring CPU usage, memory usage and CPU temperature but none of them seem to be the problem.

The problem:
When running LattePanda's for a long amount of time, after a minimum of two weeks (or so it would seem until now) they will start having complete freezes. Windows will freeze and while some background processes seem to still be active there is no getting the panda out of this state. The system is also not writing any logs or events in the event viewer during this time. The only way to fix this state is by holding the powerbutton/forcing a restart/shutdown.

At first the panda's would only reset at night, but never have a full shutdown. We thought this could be a problem so we set up a full shutdown for a few hours at night. This also did not fix the problem. We started using the four pin DC connector as we figured we'd eliminate the possibility of an insufficiently powerful power supply. We also tried forcing programs to write procdumps on crash but they also don't happen when it gets frozen, suggesting it isn't a software issue, or the freeze is so complete that no logs or dumps can be written.

Since the panda's were running relatively hot, 70 -80 degrees celsius, we've also switched to a radiator cooler case with external fan, this has reduced the temperature to 55 - 65 degrees celsius. CPU load varies between 35% and 60% with some spikes to 90% but these are nearly always caused by windows processes or updates. GPU chip load hovers around 60% usage.

The panda's are running a Unity3D application with Leap software and a Leap Motion attached. An extra lattepanda we have for testing purposes has also crashed without the Leap attached.
Using Unity 2019.1.7.f1

Does anyone recognize this issue?

We are running the auto-power-on updated Alpha m3-7y30 bios.