DIY portable speaker question

userHead kasek 2021-02-01 07:15:14 1557 Views1 Replies
Hey I use my latte panda at work on my tool box and only have access to 2 outlets 1 for the panda and another for my monitor. I was wondering if it was possible to get a small speaker like this: ... 515&sr=8-7

And wire the positive and negative to the positive and negative of an aux cord and plug it in via the headphone jack. Sometimes I need a speaker but don’t have the extra plug to power it and was wantin to avoid having to charge a Bluetooth speaker.
I was hoping it could be like a “headset” where you don’t need power but would play or load so I didn’t have to wear it.
If this is possible what w speaker would I need. I have a 2” little speaker with a black and red lead that is 3w and the aux cord that it came with when it was a working Bluetooth speaker before the battery crapped out has a white, red and black wires. Would this work or is the speaker w to high? Thanks for the advice!