Delta 432 USB-C Alt DP not working

userHead Bouncy Banana 2022-07-15 12:35:25 796 Views3 Replies

I have a LP Delta 432 running the S70GR200 Delta Auto Power on firmware.
I have acquired a 4k/60Hz touch display calling itself ASM 125UC, it comes with two USB-C and one mini HDMI input.
I have successfully used the display via USB-C DP mode with a 8th gen i7 laptop, with the display powered on the 2nd port, as well as powered entirely by the one port doing DP as well as PD, touch interface working perfectly as well.

On my Delta however, after powering it off 12V on the header and the Display on its other USB-C port, will only recognize the touch interface on the USB-C interface, it wont recognize a display either at boot nor in an OS, it will however see a display when connected via HDMI.

I could not find anything in the BIOS, and wonder if this is a quirk of the auto on bios, or in general, if someone has managed to get USB-C alt mode in Display Port to work on this platform, since it claims to support that mode of operation.

Thank you for reading