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LP 3 Delta - Microphone not working (both Windows and Linux)

userHead Barnnack 2022-08-20 04:19:49 350 Views0 Replies

Hi, my Lattepanda 3 Delta has recently arrived. First of all, thanks for the team for providing a fully featured USB-C port in the single board pc market.

However, I'm having some issues with the audio jack. 

Both on Windows (the preinstalled Windows 10, without any modification) and on Ubuntu (version 22.04.1, installed in a Samsung 1TB m.2 SSD) I can't manage to make microphones work. If I check via software what the microphone is picking, I get sound spikes while the audio jack is being insterted and removed, but it receives nothing once it's in.

The same microphone works just fine on my main PC.

I'm using Lattepanda's official power cable connected to an USB-C PD/DP display, and then the USB-C cable that shipped with the display to connect the display to the lattepanda. It shouldn't matter but I figured I'd say anyways.

Other than that I've experienced no issues. 

Is this a know issue?