USB 2.0 ports detach/hang up randomly when using the USB 3.0

userHead AlbertoCalderara 2022-08-29 01:38:47 515 Views0 Replies


on my LP V1 4/64 GB with Windows 10 preinstalled I encounter an instability of the USB 2.0 ports which randomly detach, giving the known sound, and then hang up again. This event occurs several times, when I use an application of "software defined radio" that transforms the PC into a radio receiver: an external RF receiver device is connected to the LP by means of a USB interface. Because of the nature of the data flow (continuous stream of up to 10 MSPS with 14 bit sampling) I decided to dedicate the USB 3.0 port of the LP to the radio receiver.

The application reads the samples, decodes them according to the available demodulations (e.g. FM, AM, etc.), performs DSP filtering, displays on the screen the informations also in graphical form, and sends the audio streaming to the system speakers (I use the HDMI of my touch screen).

Other USB devices are connected to the LP, but with the USB 2.0 interfaces the connection become unstable. The devices are: mouse, keyboard, the touch screen controller, the radio receiver, a separate radio controller. Having a 7-ports a USB 3.1 hub, I decided to gather all the devices to the USB 3.0 port of the LP. The hub is externally powered with a 3 A capacity, and is provided with a LED at each port, indicating if it is active or not.

The situation is quite stable, now. For "quite stable" I mean that the ensemble is working seamlessly, but sometimes I still hear the known sound from Windows, indicating that some device detached and hung up again, with no apparent effect.

My question is: in the LP V1 the use of the USB 3.0 interface is somehow penalizing the other two USB 2.0 ports? Is this a bug that can be solved? And how?

Thank you in advance.