m.2 i/o card not showing up in LattePanda 3 Delta

userHead PaulMartel 2022-09-03 06:26:09 610 Views1 Replies

My LattePanda 3 Delta is not recognizing my M.2 I/O video card. 

I have tried in both B and M slots, and I have confirmed the card works on other computers with the same computer image. 


LattePanda 3 Delta Bios: LP-BS-7-S70JR120-CN51G-D

OS: CentOS  7, Linux 5.4


M.2 card: DeckLink SDI Micro 

M.2 PCI Express 1 lane generation 3, compatible with B and M key type 2260 and 2280.

Power Consumption: 4.03W (max)


Any ideas of why it is not showing up? TYIA