No network connection when NVMe connected

userHead Pending6722 2022-09-27 07:50:43 79 Views1 Replies

When I have a NVMe SSD attached to the M.2 M key slot the device will not get network connection over ethernet. Removing the drive will restore the connection.


The NVMe SSD is a PCIe 3 x4, This model specificall in 1TB capacity


The drive is installed unformatted and detected in BIOS.


Is this an issue? I understand the slot is PCIe 3 x2 though my understanding is any storage/peripheral will operate at lower speeds.

2022-09-29 14:23:16



Issue occured when booting from eMMC. I backed up the OS from the eMMC, disabled in BIOS and restored onto the SSD as a workaround.

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