LattePanda Delta 3 power on switch header

userHead CC 2022-09-29 19:53:45 142 Views3 Replies

Hi there,


What is the type of 2-pin header on the LattePanda Delta 3 that is used for switching the board on? And is this used to close a connection or does a TTL pulse need to be applied?


Many thanks

2022-10-27 23:00:57

On the SW jack, do you use a contact closure, a momentary contact switch, etc and are there any bios settings that need to go along with using it.  

userHeadPic Richard.Steinau
2022-10-19 21:22:51

Is there an alternative way to signal the board to power on? Would like to add a remote input or just have it boot on power. Using the DELTA with Windows 10.

userHeadPic Warren.Mesner
2022-10-09 17:19:37

do you mean the SW pin? it's used for switching the board on and off.

userHeadPic Queena