AUTO POWER-ON with LattePanda Alpha 864s-Win10 - i7 m3-7y30

userHead AbdülkadirMavi 2022-10-10 19:11:18 202 Views2 Replies

I have "LattePanda Alpha 864s - Win10 Pro - Intel 7th Gen Core m3-7y30". In order to be able to use this card in my project, I want it to open on its own without pressing the button when I energize it. Can this card do that? Do I need to update the bios for this feature? if so can you tell me how to do this? I've never done anything like this before.

2022-10-10 19:21:02

Also, if there is an opposite situation during the bios update, where can I find the default bios firmware and how can I download it?

userHeadPic AbdülkadirMavi