Using normal 30-pin eDP LCD panels with LattePanda 3 Delta

userHead etons.rawi 2022-12-29 23:59:00 583 Views4 Replies

Hi all

Does anyone know how to force the Lattepanda 3 Delta to output the correct signal via 30-pin eDP cable to an LCD panel? I've tried connecting 2 different LCD panels (30-pin eDP, Full HD 1080P 60Hz) but the only image I get on screen is a full screen RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE, BLACK (which I think is the LCD panel service mode - or at least the service mode for the display hardware driver circuitry. Both screens work with 2 different eDP-to-HDMI driver boards. I have 2 different 3-pin eDP cables and both work with both driver boards. When connecting both panels to the 3 Delta (one by eDP-to-HDMI driver board, one by eDP onboard) both panels are detected (both show up in hwinfo64, with the correct panel info for the eDP onboard connected panel). Only the eDP-to-HDMI driver board connected panel shows an image while the eDP onboard connected panel cycles through the RGBWblack colors. No driver updates, bios updates, or display settings seem to have changed anything - the onboard eDP just doesn't seem to work properly!

I was hoping to bypass the use of yet another board on my 3 Delta "single board computer" ;)

The only post I could find about using a non-branded screen (the 7 inch 720p touch panel) was of a user that had some success installing a specific 15 and 17" LCD panel (both using eDP, both full HD 1080P)

Any help would be appreciated!