LP Delta wont boot and cant reach BIOS config

userHead Smawell 2023-01-06 01:45:57 917 Views6 Replies

Hello, looking for some insight. 


I have an LP Delta on the fritz. I am unable to get into the BIOS config nor boot from eMMC to windows.



    UEFI code A2 on screen (Bottom right during boot)

    Keyboard shortcuts before boot (Esc, Del, etc.) result in frozen LP logo

    I can leave spinning windows loading or attempt to reach BIOS up overnight to no avail


I have tried removing the battery, another USB-PD supply, disconnecting all peripherals/WiFi module, and power+arduino reset hold trick.


Looks like if the BIOS is corrupt and I am unable to get into it to flash anew I'll need a programmer. Just not certain it's time for that purchase yet. 


This guy is unfortunately out of warranty, but also wondering if it'd be worth contacting support for their ideas or if they'd accept it being sent in still.