Delta 3 Issues

userHead Mark.Douglas 2023-01-07 16:15:51 526 Views0 Replies

I had a project in mind the Delta 3 would be perfect for, so I ordered one from a local seller (I'm in Australia).  When it arrived, it was DOA.  Would not power on.  I tried the official adapter and a set of other ones I regularly use for other devices.  Nothing.  So I was a bit bummed, but these things happen.  I boxed it back up and sent it back to the seller, who sent it back to the manufacturer.  It turns out there was a resistor missing from the board, so they soldered one on and sent it back.  This round trip took 2 months.


Finally got it back in hand this week.  It powered up first time.  Awesome!  It's a great looking little board.  I ran the windows updates which took a while.  The next day I plugged it back in and *snap* - the magic smoke came out.  After all that, it's just dead again. :(


Is this a common thing or did I just get super unlocky with the board?