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Booting from USB 3 (SSD) or M.2 (SSD) - Is it possible?

userHead Ron.Barnes 2023-01-11 21:57:52 231 Views1 Replies

Hello all,


First time poster.


I'm on the fence regarding purchasing this SBC.  I want to run Debian on a testing platform but I need a bit of extra HD space and speed is also important.  I have searched the Board and the FAQ page along with the Getting Started and all I can find is instructions for MicroSD booting.

The Micro SD slot would be too slow for the testing I would like to try and I would need the USB 3.0 SSD or even better an M.2 SSD for booting and storage I/O.


I have a 25GB USB 3.0 SSD and a 1TB M.2 SSD, is it possible to boot from either of these peripherals?  If yes, where would I find the procedure for this?  Is it simply a BIOS setting?