Bios upgrade for V1 and Delta

userHead Quentin.DUFRECHOU 2023-02-02 22:19:17 752 Views1 Replies


I am posting on the forum because my company and I are looking to use two types of cards in our systems: the Lattepanda V1 version and the Lattepanda Delta version.

I would like to know if on both cards, there is a bios that allows both to automatically start the system upon power up (I believe the base version of the V1 bios does this, and I have also updated the Delta bios to do so), and also that includes the option to start the system after a power outage.
With the versions I currently have, I can get them to boot up as soon as I turn on the power, but the second feature is never present, even though I know it exists on many mini PCs.

I'm sorry if the subject is already part of another topic but I haven't found the answer until now.

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