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Lattepanda is not great for production use at scale.

userHead None.Names 2023-02-03 07:46:09 271 Views2 Replies

My issue: Red and Blue lights solid and on. No fan. No USB. No BIOS. No HDMI. I reflashed the BIOS with a programmer, still nothing.


A few thoughts.


1. The technical documentation for the LPD or any of the products for that matter is sorely lacking. It's likely I blew some cap or transformer on the board, but have no way to begin debugging it because theres no documentation at all. If I had a diagram of the circuits, I could begin the process of finding the short, but there's nothing.

2. The forum is littered with people having issues and there is no technical support beyond RMA, which is worthless if your board is out of the warranty period. (God forbid you buy a few pandas to keep on a shelf in case the ones you have in production break)

3. I generally know what I'm doing when it comes to computers, if I couldn't come up with a plan to fix my LPD by grokking documentation, it's going to take someone with actual Board Engineering experience to figure it out. That is a far cry from the marketed postion of being an easy and hackable SBC.


I'm just a frusterated and very disappointed that something with this much promise is lacking extensive amounts of documentation and support. If there's anybody out there that can fix these boards I'm in the market for such a service, otherwise it's e-waste and I unfortunately have more than a dozen in production.