not runing after Re-install Windows 10 Home

userHead trias.hasman 2023-02-07 18:23:15 284 Views1 Replies

Hi all,
Sori my english not good.

I'm new to LP V1.
I just bought a LP V1 4G/64G, from the start I couldn't use windows.

I am using HDMI display on 21" LCD MONITOR

then I reinstalled windows according to the existing documentation.

using the image "x64 version for all CR200 z8350 (2GB+32GB and 4GB+64GB)"


Setup/installation runs normally until prompted to boot.

Unplug the USB and restart
My LP just shows the boot logo and then turns off, red and blue lights go all off, no display on hdmi

please help.


ps: I've tried installing using another Windows ISO, and it runs normally until it reaches the desktop, but many drivers are not recognized