Possible reasons for the fan not running

userHead Tonny12138 2023-03-07 14:56:29 264 Views0 Replies

On V1 versions of LP, the fan interface will provide power to the fan when the mainboard is powered on, while the fan interface on Alpha, Delta LP and other versions will automatically start and stop according to the mainboard temperature. The default setting for the onboard fan is to start at 70℃ and stop at 60℃.

Therefore, if the mainboard temperature has not reached 70℃, the fan will not rotate. To resolve this issue, you can lower the fan temperature setting in the BIOS. The specific steps are as follows:


Applicable Models:LattePanda Alpha;LattePanda Delta

1、Press ESC to enter BIOS menu and navigate to “Chipset”, you will find Temperature Threshold. (The BIOS page will vary from model to model, and some versions have this temperature Threshold option under the Advanced menu)

2、Choose a lower starting temperature.

3、Your cooling fan will start to spin at a lower temperature to get better heat dissipation.