Need a DVR Server for My Car

userHead HopWorks 2023-03-18 09:11:30 556 Views17 Replies

Greets All,


The LattePanda 3 Delta rated the best for a Linux/Windows SBC so that is why I am here.


I want a DVR server for my car to record ethernet (or wireless) camera feeds from 4 2k cameras. Is this device capable of that? I want to store it on a 4tb drive and keep it under our middle seats of my Kia Sorento EX. Cables are not a problem, and I have a 10gb router already set up. 


I want to record video from 4 different in-vehicle camera feeds while we travel, and edit it between hotel booked jumps. I would pull the drive and take it to my room to connect to my Alienware M15-R6 and pull the data to my 100tb drive array, clear the drive, then replace it the next morning when we leave. 


Is this device capable of that kind of live throughput? Has anyone done this? 


The coding, connections, etc I can handle. I just wanted to know if this is beefy enough for what I need.


Thanks for your valuable time!