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USB issue on LattePanda V1.1 4G/64G W10 preinstalled

userHead AlbertoCalderara 2023-03-23 16:23:28 270 Views3 Replies

Good morning,


I bought the LP V1.1 Z8350 4G/64G for arranging a standalone Software Defined Radio receiver, based on a known SDR hardware/software (SDRPlay RSP1A / SDRUno).


Even if USB 3.0 isn't needed for this application, I cannot employ all the three USB ports because a loop occurs during the run of the software, in which the USB ports re-negotiate randomly, as if I disconnect the plugs and reconnect them.


A way to the troubleshooting solution was to buy an active USB 3.0 HUB (with LEDs that show the engagement of each port) and use the USB 3.0 port of the LP only.


With this setup I was able to find the “renegotiation issue” and reduce that, but not definitely fixed.


FYI, these are the USB devices that I need to connect:

the SDR radio (SDRPlay RSP1A)the remote controller of the radio (Elad T-Mate2)the controller of the touch display (Sunfounder 10.1")the keyboardthe mouse


NB all of the listed devices are correctly recognised by the software. The issue is related on the USB interface.


I ask you if, for the W10 Enterprise LSTB activated, is there a patch that solves this USB instability. Or other solution, obviously.


Thank you.


Alberto, IZ2EWV