Windows 10 22H2 fresh install boot issue

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LattePanda Alpha 800 8GB without eMMC and built-in O.S. (S70KR300 board)


If I install Windows 10 x64 using “CDJQ-JX-7-S70KR300-KF65A-101-B”: Windows runs.

As this Windows 10 version is very old, decommissioned by Microsoft and some drivers are not easily to update*, it is impossible to upgrade to Windows 10 v2004 (20H1) or to an earlier version through Windows Update.

Even upgrading from Windows 10 v2004 20H1 CD/USB dongle provides a BSOD with Stop Code: DRIVER PNP WATCHDOG


If I fresh install using the original Microsoft Win 10 22H2 x64 ISO image transferred to USB through Rufus: the installer crashes with the same BSOD Stop code.



LattePanda provided its own deployment tool to enable us to install Windows 10.

1)How can I customize LattePanda' deployment tool by creating my own install.swm & install2.swm files to include Windows 10 22H2 files?


2) Is it possible to customize a genuine Windows 10 22H2 ISO by including the LattePanda drivers which generate the Driver PNP Watchdog ? Which Missing Drivers / files should I include ?



List of drivers not installed by Microsoft Windows Update or generating a BSOD with a fresh Win 10 install:


Note: Running “Intel-Driver-and-Support-Assistant-Installer.exe” does not fix all missing driver issues.