Which external GPU LattePanda Delta?

userHead Marco.Lil 2023-04-18 14:44:46 552 Views2 Replies

I have bought a LattePanda Delta 432 and realized that the included graphics chips doesn't satisfy my requirements. I am trying to run some live video effects by using Spark AR and a full HD webcam. While the filters are pretty simple, I still only get about 1fps.


So, I assume that adding an external GPU to my setup could get me approximately 30 fps, which would be totally fine. I am not trying to run 4k games, just need a bit more graphics power.


Do you have any suggestions? Since I am pretty new to this, every keyword that I can use while googling for a fitting GPU would be appreciated.


Thanks in advance! 


Edit: I found this GPU and it looks promising: https://www.amazon.de/ASUS-GeForce-Grafikkarte-Single-Slot-Design-GT730-4H-SL-2GD5/dp/B09DVN7QWH/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=geforce%2Bgt%2B730&qid=1681801809&sr=8-3&th=1

Will I require an adapter for it?