Lattepanda 3 Delta and LG Ultrafine monitor.

userHead prant.saga 2023-04-19 22:53:04 336 Views1 Replies

I recently got a Lattepanda 3 Ultra and plugged it into the USB-C/Thunderbolt cable my 22" LG Ultrafine 4K monitor (22MD4KA) and it worked like a champ. It shows the BIOS screen during boot and Windows recognized it at native resolution without a problem. I have not yet tried Linux, but will before too long.

So if anyone out there has one or if any Mac owners are looking for an easy way to play with the 3 Delta without needing to buy a new monitor, your existing LG Ultrafine will work perfectly. It even recongnizes the mouse and keyboard I had plugged into the back through USB-A/USB-C dongles. It's a pretty seamless experience.