Lattepanda Delta 3 - 100% CPU load on core 0 caused by NVME SSD

userHead AndrewH 2023-04-27 07:31:59 463 Views4 Replies

Hi, I've recently set up my Kickstarter Lattepanda 3 Delta. I installed an NVMe SSD, booted it, and let it run all the suggested windows updates including an update to windows 11. When I came back to use the system properly, I noticed that CPU core 0 is always maxed-out at 100%:


Looking at task manager, the CPU load was not attributed to a windows process, so I assumed it was caused by CPU interrupts. Using LatencyMon (, I have confirmed this is the case (note the very high execution time for ACPI.sys):

I worked out that if I remove the NVME SSD, the issue goes away. I have tried 3x different SSDs from Samsung, Crucial and Western Digital. All disks work in other systems without creating problems. When the SSD is installed, putting the CPU0 at 100%, I can read and write to the disk with no observed problems.


If I boot Windows into safe mode, the 100% CPU issue goes away and the disk still works normally (ni safe mode, none of the disks appear in Task Manager, but it's still accessible through Explorer):


To resolve this issue, I have tried the following:

+ Unplugging all attached devices (other than the USB power brick and HDMI).

+ Installed the Intel Driver & Support Assistant (, and letting it install all recommended driver updates.

+ Explicitly installing the latest drivers Delta 3 drivers (As hosted at

+ Updating the BIOS (As hosted at

+ Setting the Windows power profiles to “Balanced”, “High Performance” & “Power Saver”.

+ Tried setting the PCI Express > Link State Power Management to “Off”, “Moderate" and “Maximum power savings”.

+ Tried disabling as many devices a I dare in device manager. 

+ Completed a “Reset this PC” process, to take it back to the original state.

+ Resetting the BIOS to defaults.

+ Installing windows 10 on the NVME SSD and booting off that.


None of these steps have resolved the issue. I would be grateful for any advice anyone has as to what my next steps should be. Thank you in advance.