No more usb on latte panda v1

userHead singaii 2023-05-01 22:53:50 353 Views1 Replies

Hi, latte panda baker n°3219

i got a latte panda v1 (s70c rev1.1)

I see a mail from latte panda for a brand new device and i want to try to make my latte panda v1 work.

It work fine for few xeek before i change some parameters in bios and since this moment i have no more USB working on this board.

The board boot on windows, i got the loading screen and login with time and date, it connect to wifi and rj45 network and time/date refresh to the correct date and time BUT…

i can't acces to windows, all usb devide got no signal. i test with a usb hub and got a led so power is comming from usb.


nor ub2 and usb3 works

i test to hard reset with on power cable on :power + reset buttons for 20s + release for 1min + power off and power+reset button push 20s → nothing


Back in the day there was a tutorial on how to re upload a bios on the chip but a can't find it on the forum like my old post


Can i use my latta panda again one day ?

how to flush the eprom ?