LattePanda Delta input voltage range (max)

userHead Jose.Saumell 2023-05-03 04:52:37 287 Views1 Replies



I am designing a PCB that will deliver power to the lattepanda delta. My question refers to the following statement from online documentation:


12 Volt DC Input Introduction¶
The voltage range of the Delta power input connector is 7.4~15 volts. So if you're choosing to use the lipo battery, you should use 2~4 cells. The standard power source is 2A@12volts. The maximum booting power required is about 10 watts, and the operational power required is about 3 watts with a low electrical load (with CPU power usage < 5%).


So, it seems by this sentence we could power directly from 4 lipo cells without regulation, but when fully charged the 4 cells will deliver 16.8V. Yet the documentation says 15V max. Would it be ok to have 16.8V on the input?


Regards, Jose