Wakeup from sleep using GPIO

userHead sureshee 2023-05-22 18:55:46 447 Views2 Replies


I own a LattePanda Delta with Windows 10 Pro Activated, I read from other articles in the forum that using Arduino we can use GPIO functionalities on board. Here is my question:

Use case: Lets assume if i have a PIR motion sensor connected to a GPIO on the LP Board, Is it possible to control the system power cycle based on the GPIO state?

For example, wakeup the system based on the movement detected by the PIR and put the system back to sleep when there is no movement


If the answer to the above question is yes, then the follow-up questions would be:

How to develop this application? How should the GPIO pins be linked to the Board's Power management? Is there any API's exposed for Arduino library to link the GPIO to the Power state of the device?What is the power consumption that we can expect, when the device is in hibernate or sleep state with the Display connected? 

Thanks in advance