serial port is not recognized

userHead Megumi.Tamura 2023-06-14 07:54:54 282 Views2 Replies

Hello, I am contacting you to ask for your help.

When the serial port of ARM connected by USB is recognized, the COM number is duplicated and the device name is recognized with a different device name than usual.

Lattepanda information:
OS: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB
Storage: 64GB eMMC

ARM information
mbed: LPC1768

Here are the steps:

Connect ARM(mbed) to Latte panda.
Install mbed driver.
Check serial port in device manager.
If it is normal, mbed will be recognized as “mbed Serial Port (COMxx)”[the product of property is 'mbed'].
However, the following anomaly occurred.
4. “mbed Serial Port (COMxx)” was recognized, but the COM# overlapped with another #, and “!” error (Code: 10) was displayed in Device Manager.
5. Even after changing COM#, the “!” error (Code: 10) was still displayed, so I deleted the driver.
6. After reinstalling, it was newly recognized as “USB Serial Device (COMxx)”[the product of property is 'Microsoft'].

Any ideas why the serial port is not recognized properly?