Goodix GT1151 touch controller compatibility

userHead ayben 2023-07-20 17:40:35 349 Views2 Replies


I've been experimenting with the LattePanda 3 Delta and its touch pins. During testing, I came across a tactile panel from China that uses the GT9271 Goodix controller. Surprisingly, the LattePanda handled I2C communication with the GT9271 flawlessly. This got me excited, and I assumed that other Goodix chips would work just as well. So, I purchased a GT1151 for a side project. However, when I identified the I2C pins and connected it to the LattePanda, the tactile panel didn't work like its cousin, the GT9271.


Curious about the discrepancy, I referred to the datasheets for both chips and found that they function similarly. In fact, I managed to obtain touch coordinates from both using Arduino I2C. But there's a limitation when using Arduino - I can only access the tactile panel when running a custom program, making it impossible to use as a native tactile panel for Windows interaction.


Now, my question is: Is there a way to make Windows recognize and handle the GT1151 chip?


PS: I have attached the datasheets for the two Goodix chips I mentioned in this post.

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