LINUX MINT 21.2 mainstream release with kernel upgrade works on LattePanda Sigma

userHead Peter.Murray 2023-07-24 21:20:47 420 Views1 Replies

Had problems with Linux Mint 21.2 beta..... very floppy video, network and no sound............ so it sort of worked and sort of didn't work.


A few days later, I get the freshly released LM 21.2 mainstream iso, from Linux Mint website.


Installed that over the earlier beta version.


As I have APTIK (linux system restore/back-up) I 'restored' my previous LM21.2 beta system settings on to the mainstream release.


Suddenly, during the Aptik, a notification came up that kernel 6.0.1-6012-oem had been installed, accompanied by sound!!!


I have finished the upgrade process, and had a quick play with the freshly installed LM21.2.... and it seems to work, definately the HDMI video, sound and networking. (which were the problems with the beta version)


So, LM 21.2 with kernel upgraded to 6.0.1-6012-oem works.