LattePanda 3 Delta m.2 B key "modem not found" with Sierra Wireless EM9191 in Ubuntu

userHead John.Soucy 2023-09-07 04:25:48 363 Views1 Replies

While trying to use the Sierra Wireless EM9191 5G modem with LattePanda 3 Delta, Ubuntu will not find the modem using "mmcli -L" The EM9191 is not detected when installed in the m.2B slot of our LattePanda 3 delta. When I use the Sierra dev board, and connect to LattePanda 3 delta using the USB-C cable, the modem is found and works great. So, the modem is able to function correctly.


Sierra Wireless asked if the pin 20 is NC, pulled low, or pulled high. Will you please share the pinout diagram of the m2. B key connector on LattePanda 3 delta? I searched the github, and websites and have not found this diagram.


For reference, here is the pinout and connections used on the Sierra dev board.  Now, I want to move the working modem from the external dev kit board, and install directly into LattePanda 3 delta m.2 b key slot.