Codingless computer vision development software

userHead O.H..Cho 2023-09-13 06:55:06 247 Views0 Replies

If you are developing computer vision based applications for LattePanda, we have great computer vision development software. It's fully GUI based. No program coding at all. It's far easier to use and learn than coding based machine learning software. It's very powerful. Still very easy to use. Also very fast. More importantly, it generates program source code that you can embed into your LattePanda applications. It's free for LattePanda developers. Free (limited) technical support and consultation is provided. Computer vision types supported are;

- Image classification.
- Image regression.
- Object detection, YOLO-like models.
- Image similarity regression such as face recognition.
- Stereoscopic regression such as distance measurement (experimental stage).

Pre- and post processing such as color inversion, histogram equalization, color transformation, encoding, object filtering, etc., are all incorporated. You don't need coding for that. Cuda and OpenCL and parallel thread computing all supported.

All you need is understanding the concepts of convolutional neural network. Then you are ready to develop computer vision models. It's democratization of Computer Vision Machine Learning.

For more information and download, visit the following link and request download mentioning single board computer type to get unlimited free license;