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Difficulty connecting antenna cables to 5G module

userHead David.Witten 2023-09-18 01:57:32 182 Views2 Replies

I purchased FIT0833 IPEX MHF1 to SMA Female Connector Cables (and the RP-SMA versions) to use with the SIM8262A-M2 5G Communication Module (sold as an accessory for the LattePanda Sigma).  I have not been able to attach them to any of the connectors on the module.  These cables seem to use the 20980-001R-13 recommended in the 'SIM826XX_SIM8X80-M2 Series Hardware DesignV1.03' guide provided by a link from the product website.  The connectors are clearly marked "13 IPX".  But they don't fit


Also, the same cables won't connect to modules bought for the Radaxa 5B WiFi, which I know uses a smaller diameter IPX/MHF type connector. Conversely, The Radaxa WiFi connectors attach to the SIM8262A-M2 easily.  Unfortunately, these are WiFi antennas, and not suitable for 5G.


I am very familiar with installing IPEX/MHF from long experience, and have also read the documents on the IPEX website about working with these connectors.  It appears that the module provided does not correspond completely with the "Design" guide.  I suspect that the connectors on the module are actually the slightly smaller (2.60mm vs 3.0mm) board connectors form IPEX. 


Someone needs to verify this, and, if true, provide a link to an updated specification.  It would be very nice if the DFRobot/LattePanda stores would make the correct harness (pigtail) available.