LattePanda Sigma NAS drive not working when connected to SATA / SATAPower

userHead Larsern 2023-09-19 22:39:54 527 Views4 Replies

I am trying to connect a NAS drive to the SATA port on the front of my LattePanda powering it with the integrated SATA power port. I bought the recommended adapter to connect it directly to my drive for power (PH2.0-4Pin to 15Pin SATA power cable). When connected nothing happens, when reconnecting it to my main computer it works fine. Is there any limitations to this SATA power port or do I have to enable something for it to work? Are there limitations to how many drives I can connect? I have two M.2 disks already hooked up, will this cause problems?
I would love to run this setup without adding an extra power adapter to power the NAS drive. I have not yet tested it by connecting power to the drive from my main computer and connecting data to my LattePanda to if this works and isolating the problem to be the power.