WOL not working in LattePanda Sigma 32 GB

userHead Florian.Huber 2023-10-01 19:01:38 269 Views0 Replies

I was not able to get WOL working on LattePanda Sigma 32 GB. 

Does anyone have any suggestions. 


Things i tried are: 

Deactivating energy saving settings under Windows, 

BIOS settings to stop Sigma from cutting power it the network cards wen shutting down, 

Aktivation WOL and magic package in the network adapter settings in Windows, 

Allowing the network card to power on Sigma in the BIOS settings. 

I also updatet the BIOS to the newest version from GitHub - LattePandaTeam/LattePanda-Win10-Software using the guide from BIOS Setup - Documentation (lattepanda.com) successfully. 


With my old PC it worked fine on the same LAN port. 


The network adapter lights are still flashing wenn Sigma is powered of wich indicates that ist not a power issue. 


Would be nice of someone would share their BIOS setup if its working on their Sigma. 

Or just tell me ist someone uses WOL on their system.