Lattepanda Sigma eGPU not functioning

userHead Solaris17 2023-10-06 05:51:43 523 Views1 Replies

Hello. I am trying to troublshoot an issue I am having with my eGPU enclosure and my sigma.

The Sigma states that it supports thunderbolt egpu devices:


I use a razor core x for my egpu enclosure. It functions fine on my other PCs.


Lattepanda states that both usb-c ports are thunderbolt 4 compatible


However the egpu enclosure only shows up when plugged into port 7. It does not show up when plugged into port 1.


Further, even when plugged into port 7 the gpu in the enclosure is not seen. Only the enclosure. I thought that maybe the GPU was the issue so I swapped them but it still was not seen.


Thinking it was the cable I bought a new cable but still the GPU was not seen.


I then plugged the egpu into my primary desktop and it worked without issue. So I was able to rule that out.


Thinking maybe the BIOS was the issue I reset to default but the problem persisted. 


Finally; I figured this may be an issue with the BIOS version I'm on so I flashed the latest provided by lattepanda here (I have the 16gb version):


I STILL have the issue, but others appear to be able to use external enclosures without issue (taken at time) 


I installed a second NVMe drive. Could this be an issue? The CPU should still have plenty of pci-e lanes left. Maybe I need to modify the BIOS configuration? 

Any help would be appreciated I have had this about a week and im getting frustrated.