rpi touch screen to lattepanda?

userHead Acid.Rain 2023-10-07 09:23:24 278 Views1 Replies

i purchased this for a custom made jukebox i have built a whilte back round last xmas.  the description is this: ROADOM Raspberry Pi Screen, 10.1’’ Touchscreen Monitor, IPS FHD 1024×600,Responsive and Smooth Touch,Dual Built-in Speakers,HDMI Input,Compatible with Various Devices and OS,Easy Assembly,Driver Free


now i never actually got the touchscreen functionality to work on it and eventually gave up. i believed the assumed wire to make touchscreen work was borked.  the manufacturer had no clue what i was talking about so i just quit and lowered myself to a mini usb keyboard with touch mouse.


now ive reached lattepanda delta 3 status and i was wondering if anyone knew what i need to connect this monster awesome board to this touchscreen if its possible?





there is the amazon link to it.  any help at all would be much appreciated!!!