Latte Panda Delta v3 Power Supply Issues

userHead electricphotoland 2023-10-19 23:58:43 385 Views1 Replies

I just received 2 LP Delta 3 units and plugged them in using one of the power supplies that came with them. Neither of them would power on. I then switched to using an existing LP power supply I had which matched the same model number as the new power supply. That didn't work either. I plugged in my existing power supply into an older LP and it turned on just fine. I then used the new power supply on the older unit and now none of them will turn on using any of the USB-C power supplies. 


I had ordered the 12-volt adapter for my new units and was able to boot both of them up using that, however, my older LP doesn't have one and still won't power on with any of my existing power supplies.


Is it possible I have a faulty power supply that damaged the USB-C port on all 3 of my boards? If not, has anyone seen this kind of thing?


Thank you!