Must have accessories for LattePanda V1

userHead Tin 2023-11-20 16:40:12 242 Views2 Replies

Hi all,


I would like to know what are the minimum (must have) accessories for LattePanda V1 for my below project requirements.


1. I need to have camera to capture a photo.

2. I need to have USB port to connect to barcode scanner.

3. I need to connect this board to my backend system via Web Api (prefer Wireless over LAN).

4. I need to have a touch panel display (to accept user input).

5. I need to run Windows 10 on the board.


As of now, I found below accessories from LattePanda V1 product intro page. 


A. LattePanda 5MP UVC camera
B. 7" IPS display
C. 7" capactivie touoch panel overlay
D. Aluminum Alloy case
E. Aluminum heatsink case


Based on my above requirements, I believe B and C is a must have. I am not so sure on this "A, D and E". 

Is it a must for me to use this 5MP UVC camera? No other camera option for me?

And is it a must to use the aluminum case and heatsink? If I didn't use D and E, will the board be easily spoiled ?

Sorry! First time considering to buy and use such board and not sure what accessories are mandatory and what are optional.

I want to buy the bare minimum accessories while fulfilling my above requirements at the same time, will not have impact on the board performance and life span.


Kindly advise, thanks in advance for all your valuable info!