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Display Connection Problem

userHead gill.shreyas 2023-11-23 18:28:11 125 Views2 Replies

I hope you're all doing well. I'm currently dealing with an issue related to the display on my LattePanda V1 and would appreciate some advice from the community.

I'm having trouble connecting my LattePanda V1 to an external display. Despite my attempts using different cables and ensuring the display's functionality with another device, I'm not receiving any signal on the external display.

Device Details:

LattePanda V1 Model: LP-V1

Display Type: Dell P2419H Monitor

Connection Method: Attempting to connect the LattePanda V1 to the Dell P2419H Monitor using 

 I'm unsure if there's a specific setting I need to adjust on the LattePanda or if there might be a hardware-related issue.

If any community members have faced a similar problem or have expertise in troubleshooting display connections on the LattePanda V1, your insights would be highly valuable.