Comprehensive Power Consumption Test Report for LattePanda Sigma 32G LPDDR5

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We are pleased to present a detailed analysis of the power consumption characteristics of the LattePanda Sigma 32G version, running on the Windows 11 Pro 22H2 operating system. This report aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the power usage under various operational states, with the power supply being the Lenovo Legion 135W USB-C GaN Adapter C135(in order to better read power consumption data).



 Test environment


- Hardware: LattePanda Sigma 32G LPDDR5 + 256G PCIE4*4 SSD + AX211

- Software: Windows 11 Pro 22H2

- Power supply: Lenovo Legion 135W USB-C GaN Adapter C135



Test Record


1. Boot Idle (10 minutes)

During the initial boot idle stage, which was observed for a duration of 10 minutes, the device consumed power within a range of 5-15 watts. It is critical to note that upon booting, there was a momentary spike in power consumption, with the device drawing between 80-90 watts instantaneously.


2. CPU at maximum load (10 minutes)

When the CPU was subjected to maximum load for a period of 10 minutes, the power consumption stabilized around 60 watts. However, under periods of intense activity, the device exhibited a temporary surge in power usage, reaching between 80-85 watts, which was sustained for approximately 30 seconds before returning to the average consumption level.


3. Sleep Mode

In sleep mode, the power consumption was significantly reduced, with the device drawing a mere 1.5 watts. This state allows for energy conservation while maintaining a quick restart capability.


4. Hibernation Mode

In hibernation mode, the power consumption was further reduced to 1.1 watts. This mode, while saving more energy than sleep mode, requires a slightly longer time to resume operation.


5. Shut Down

Finally, in the shutdown state, the device continued to draw a minimal power of 0.8 watts. This consumption is typically associated with the standby power required to respond to the power button or other wake commands.



This comprehensive analysis of power consumption under various operational states provides valuable insights into the energy efficiency and operational costs associated with the LattePanda Sigma. We hope this report will be beneficial for users seeking to optimize their power management strategies.


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