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Sigma eDP touch cables or extensons

userHead scotthar 2024-01-09 12:08:15 114 Views2 Replies

Hello, is it possible to easily extend the eDP cable to a longer length using something like this,  (VSDISPLAY 30Pin to 30Pin ZIF 0.5mm Connector Adapter with Extension Flat Cable FFC Extend)  


and something like this to extend the touch cable,

(uxcell 0.5mm Pitch 6 Pins to 6 Pins Extension Connector Aapter for FFC FPC Cable Extend Zip HDD)


are these 0.5 pitch cables?


Same for the touch cable, i noticed it came with two 6P cable which if connected together along with something like the extra 20CM with that video cable would work perfect in a larger case where the board and the screen are not right next to each other.


it seems like with the sigma its specifically designed to route cables to the rear.  ??  

seems like it might be a problem with the Sigma to go out the front, and need to route to the rear then under the PCB to the front?

seems like i could get away with flexing the touch cable but routing the EDP out the front seems like a bad idea, 


(ive not fitted them up and tried it yet, these things are so fragile i dont want to open and fit anything until its time to install)


thanks for any insights or tips!