LINUX on Latte Panda Sigma

userHead Peter.Murray 2024-01-13 14:11:56 260 Views2 Replies

Been using LINUX Mint 21.2 for around 6 months until today........ and upgraded to LINUX Mint 21.3.


ALL Trouble free.


Do use the "edge' version............. or upgrade your kernel to the 6.1.0-1028oem kernel (or anything up from 1016oem)


Don't use the standard 5.15 series kernel


if you don't do that you have connectivity issues...... if you get the latest kernels, the problems go away.


Latte Panda only approve the SIGMA for UBUNTU....... but believe me, Linux Mint works well too. (If you do as I say)


I have dual booted Linux Mint 21.3 with the Windows 11 O/S that was supplied........ 


everything works as it should.


Good luck