LattePanda Alpha does not start anymore

userHead tlarhices 2024-01-19 16:54:06 169 Views2 Replies

I have been using an Alpha for years without any issues.


Last week I had to move it to another location. I did a shut down and unplugged it, a few hours later I plugged it back and it would not start.

The red light turns on and stays on directly and the blue light flashes time to time.


I have tried:


- Removing the plug, waiting a few hours, plugging it back in

- Changing the power adapter

- Removing any devices attached to it

- Removing and putting back the RTC clock

- Bypassing the switch and using the SW connectors to attempt to start

- Using the UPS hat from another lattepanda to see if that would work


But nothing helps and it currently remains in that state.

Anything else I can try to fix the issue or investigate ?