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Point And Click Systems: Bringing the DAW and DVW to Eurorack with LattePanda

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**This article was originally written by John Boys. All rights belong to the original author.


This Eurorack is intended for music production or music/video performance. Focus on size and being the first to offer considerable power for professional musicians who desire the convenience of a fully featured DAW or DVW in their Eurorack case.


Integration of hardware and software euro rack devices for patching, composing and performance, and podcast streaming, as well as controlling any MIDI devices.  The idea is to have a computer in the rack without the need for a laptop, which is commonly frowned upon by fans of Eurorack.  I say it is just a very sophisticated tool and love my time using Reaper.  I always wanted a computer in my rack, and now I have one!  I have tried to hit every level by offering many models with a variety of price points and sizes, and of course CPU power levels.  


You can do a lot of the same things on every one of my products, but if you need more power, we have you covered with a PAC BOT 3. If you need some basic MIDI and audio recording and a little bit of power for plugins etc then we have PAC BOT .5 or 1 or 1.5.  If you want a good mid-level solution, there's PAC BOT 2 or 2.5.  All of them run Reaper which to me is amazing and does everything I need.  PAC BOT 2 can run most commercially available software and PAC BOT 3 rivals a Mac M2 performance.  All can handle Linux and PAC BOT 2 and 3 also can handle Windows 10 and 11 officially.


PAC BOT 1 silver







PAC BOT 2 rear



Hardware and Software in My Project


LattePanda 3 Delta


PAC BOT 1 Materials – DIY / Building – Point and Click Systems Forum


Almost everything I use for hardware can be found on Amazon.  I make a custom CNC faceplate and buy cables rated for high bandwidth, and monitors that perform well and have many built-in options, or otherwise add value to the designs.  I am constantly looking for better parts.  This is a DIY sort of thing, I just take the pain out of finding the good parts and spending time putting them together.  


Why LattePanda


LattePanda offers a very nice-looking and performing solution that fits nicely inside of the Eurorack Specification, which is important because some other solutions would not fit. CPU performance is quite adequate for music and video. MIDI, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and WIFI, also integrated high-quality fan and heatsink, fast data connections and drive ports make LattePanda ripe for multimedia use. LattePanda 3 Delta seemed like a step up from Raspberry Pi 4b and it runs Windows which I need to run my favorite plugin software synths.


Fully updated information is available on my Instagram.